Personality Test And The Disc Assessment Essay

Personality Test And The Disc Assessment Essay

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Taking any type of personality test can lead to a lot of thought and reflection on yourself,
how you live, and how you interact with other people. I have taken some personality tests in the
past that seemed to have been way off from what I believed about myself. This could be in part
because I took them at a younger age and didn’t really “know” myself at that time. The results
of the JUNG Typology test and the DISC Assessment actually proved to be fairly accurate to
how I view myself today. While the tests weren’t exactly eye-opening for me, they did serve to
confirm many beliefs and views that I had toward myself, my interactions with others, and what
I enjoy in life.
JUNG Typology
My results for the JUNG Typology test were INTJ (Introvert, Intuitive, Thinking,
Judging). The results were very accurate for me and really fit my personality and lifestyle. The
section that covers interpersonal relationships was absolutely accurate for me. I do often
struggle with relationships because I feel sort of lost when it comes to reading other people and I
feel that my actions are often misread ...

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