Personality Test And Myers Briggs Type Indicator Tests Essay

Personality Test And Myers Briggs Type Indicator Tests Essay

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Personality testing is an important tool that can be used to predict behaviour, which can lead to improving teaching methods for students, helping people with career/major choices, workplace dynamics and, to an extent, marriage compatibility. But how to test the efficacy of them? One way is to test whether they are accurate in describing people, and another way is to see if common, universal factors included in different assessments yield similar results. In this paper, we will only be focusing on one subject and two different assessments.
For this comparison, the Eysenck Personality Test and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator tests were chosen. Both are said to measure naturally occurring differences between people, identified as “temperament” and “personality type”, respectively. The MBTI measures four factors, Extroversion/Introversion, Intuition/Sensing, Thinking/Feeling, and Judging/Perceiving, while Eysenck measures three: Extroversion, Neuroticism, and Pyschoticism.
The tests seem to share two factors. Neuroticism, or emotionality, seems to be similar to Thinking/Feeling, and of course, both tests explicitly measure Extroversion/Introversion. Eysenck 's test supposedly places a heavy emphasis on innate, inherited or genetic traits, which would explain why it doesn 't measure anything comparable to Intuition/Sensing or Judging/Perceiving. Both of these largely deal with, and are influenced by, the subject interacting with the world. More specifically, they deal with how the subject receives information from his/her environment, and their preferences to how they interpret it. Eysenck 's test, instead, measures Psychoticism, a very specific factor that pertains to psychotic breaks and aggression, now widely regarded as indicative o...

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It is important to note that when the subject was asked about his opinion of each test after taking them and looking at his results, he immediately decided that Eysenck 's test is much harsher than the MBTI test. The subject said that the questions seemed to be accusatory in their addressing the tester. From the start, it used words like unsympathetic, egocentric and hypersensitive. It 's easy to see that most people wouldn 't want to be associated with these words, and indeed the tester did not.
These two tests agreed reasonably well in the two areas they have in common, emotionality and extraversion vs. introversion. But it is of this experimenter 's opinion that they did not describe the subject well enough. In terms of this experiment, it 's fair to say that these personality tests are consistent in regards to each other, but objectively inaccurate.

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