The Personality Of Beyonce Knowles Essay

The Personality Of Beyonce Knowles Essay

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The purpose of this research report is to investigate the personality of Beyoncé Knowles in terms of humanistic and trait conceptions of personality.
Beyoncé born in September 4th 1981 is known for her fierce look and electrifying sound that has been present in the entertainment industry since she was 15 years of age. Beyoncé’s ability to perform with unparalleled confidence and exuberant passion has won her twenty Grammy awards, three world music awards, six American music awards, and eight billboard awards.
Beyoncé’s personality will be examined using the humanistic conception of personality, which was developed during the 1950s and made emphasis on seeing people in relation to their environments and on the meaning that people find in life. Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow regarded personal growth and fulfilment in life as basic motives. “Trust is important. I really don’t like people that aren’t real around me at all. I don’t like people that are ‘yes’ people. I don’t like people that tell me what they think I want to hear” said Beyoncé. In this case, Beyoncé’s idea of living realistically is being associated with individuals who will enhance her growth as a person and as artist. It is evident that the more life experiences Beyoncé has been through, the more mature and assertive she becomes, the more real her lyrics are. She states that “she sees music” and in order for these lyrics to make meaning to her audience, she must form a personal connection between people around her to formulate authentic experiences she can retell in her songs. There has to be congruency between how the people around her view her, her talent, her beliefs and in the way she sees herself. In the way, her father, Matthew Knowles pushed her during her time...

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...reporters and interviewees information on her childhood, family, beliefs and values, which allows the wider population to be able to form a connection and resonate with her in some aspects. Openness also involves creativity, and this is evident in her music videos as she manipulates different environments, clothing and people to creative spectacular videos that convey a particular message and emotion. She also runs a clothing line, represents different brands and also has several fragrances. However, she is not as open about her private life such as her marriage; she prefers to keep her professional life separate from her personal life.
A strength of the trait theory is that is able to predict leadership skills individual may possess, while a limitation is that it uses objective data rather than theory and provides no explanation for personality development.

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