Personality Is The Common Topic Of Interest Within The Department Of Psychology

Personality Is The Common Topic Of Interest Within The Department Of Psychology

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Personality seems to be the common topic of interest in the department of psychology. The problem is, the definition of personality varies depending on the beliefs and assumptions of those who are studying it. (Olson & Hergenhahm, 2011.) There has also been a common debate as to whether there even is such a thing as personality since there does not seem to be clear evidence of it. If there is no such thing as personality, it is fathomable that a person changes over time as well from situation to situation. (Unit 1 Introduction.) If there is such a thing as personality, the influence would be the environment in which they are raised. Unfortunately, not everyone is raised in a healthy environment. Personality has been studied for many centuries, and since almost every theorist has their own take on personality, they discovered different theories which originated from it.
First, lets take a look as the theorist that started off in the field of medicine, Sigmund Freud. (Unit 2 Introduction.) During his medical education experience, he became an expert in neurology, developing a focus in the study of the mind. Since he has a medical education, Freud researched the use of cocaine as an anesthetic for eye surgery, but another scientist published it first, making Freud disappointed in himself for not taking the recognition he felt he deserved. (Olson & Hergenhahm, 2011.) He then tried cocaine, and discovered that it seemed to influence his mood, also seemed to be therapeutic. (Freud Under Analysis.) During his experiment, he also gave cocaine to ha friend that was diagnosed with depression, who then committed suicide. After the death of his close friend, he was very upset with himself and seemed to leave his experiment with cocaine all ...

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...eorists that have been analyzed, how are they similar or compare to each other? First off, they all seem to revolve or branch off from Freud’s initial discovery with psychoanalysis. Even if not all of them agreed completely with psychoanalysis, it all was partially incorporated into their theories. Secondly, they all used themselves as the topic of study when researching their theory and each were their own subjects for analysis; Freud himself tried cocaine to test if it improved mood, Jung used his own dreams to develop a test for personality, Adler got the idea of birth order from being the third child out of seven, and Erikson used his own identity crisis to create the eight stages of life. Even though not many of these theorists were psychologists, they made a major impact in the world of psychology and many of their discoveries are still being used to this day.

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