Personality Is An Ambiguous Term Essay

Personality Is An Ambiguous Term Essay

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Personality is an ambiguous term with a multitude of varying psychological definitions attached. What is comprised of personality, is not just one thing; there are various factors that contribute what is personality? Personality seems to be located upon a complicated interaction between genetic, environmental factors, and with race, ethnicity, culture, age, as well as, gender. In 1937, Gordon Allport defined personality as ‘the dynamic organisation within the individual of those psychophysical systems that determine a unique adjustment to the environment’ (Maltby, Day, and Macaskill, 2013, pp.18). However, in 1961, Allport defined it again, but this time as ‘the dynamic organisation inside the person of psychophysical systems that determine the person’s characteristics patterns of behaviour and thought’ (Sage, 2014).
This essay will discuss the advantages and disadvantages focused on personality and comparing it to the controversy of situations in predicting behaviour by including some empirical research.

Personality is a perception used in our everyday lives, due to the judgements as a society we form, consciously or not about others. The word ‘personality’ is often used by people, referring it as a global implicit judgements created by all the impressions and feelings made by an individual. When people react to certain situations in a fairly consistent manner, this will be observed normally by non-psychologists.
Often people talk of a person having “lots of personality”, “no personality” or a “strong personality’, indicating a social competence and popularity. Individuals tend to use broad stereotypes and generalisations (Sage, 2014). In order to understand a person or the differences between individuals we need to know mo...

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...putative limit of the predictive power of personality around to r=0.40 (Nisbett, 1980, p. 124). This claim of a limit to the predictive power of personality raises two problems: a correlation between 0.30 and 0.40 large or small? And are correlations amongst attributes of situations and behaviour higher than correlations amongst personality traits and behaviour?
Evaluating the case of personality coefficient, the correlations amid the criterion, behaviour, predictor, and personality exceeds 0.40. Through calculations, this means that 16% of the variance in behaviour explained by personality traits. Whereas, this analysis has a few problems. It tends to make limited sense to a square correlations coefficient to be able to predict the power of the relationships described (Ozer, 1985). To appreciate the correlations size is to use appropriate means of comparisons.

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