The Personality Assessment Of Project 2 Essay

The Personality Assessment Of Project 2 Essay

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Project 2 builds on the personality assessment in Project 1 conducted at the beginning of the course and is divided into three steps. Step 1 provides details on me as a person, how I work with others and my ability to work within organizations. These details are framed within the subheadings of personality, values and attitudes, motivation, decision making, ability to work with others and my ability to work within organizations as scored from a Prentice Hall’s self-assessment conducted on 14 February 2015. Step 2 is a reflection on what I learned in this course about organizational behavior and me as a person that will make be a better employee, co-worker and leader. Step 3 is a personal reflection on the Holy Spirit and how my life has changed by giving it all to Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior. Step 3 is sharing my personal testament and how far I come as a Christian and how Liberty University has shaped my walk with Christ.

Step 1
What About Me
Personality Insights. The Big Five Personality Model is an “impressive body of research that theorizes five basic dimensions in the human personality: openness to experience, emotional stability, agreeableness and conscientiousness and extraversion” (Robbins and Judge 2009, 108). I scored high, an average of 13 points, in each of the categories except for extroversion which I scored low. My basic personality is strongly characterized by openness to experience, emotional stability, agreeableness and conscientiousness and introversion. I scored low, 5 points, on the extroversion scale. This means that my personality favors toward introversion, or defined by Robbins and Judge as “quiet and shy” (2009, 108) as a personality trait.
According to the Jungian scale, m...

... middle of paper ... outside my purview, others tend to see me as an introvert or one who sticks to himself. I will admit that sticking to myself is my tendency toward social interaction, but I need to do a better job “building on employee strengths” (Fisher K. structure and culture).
Step 3
The Gospel and Personal Reflection
I am a husband, a father, a friend, a co-worker and an employee. However, I am Christian first and all of my other titles are second. I understand that I am broken, unmanageable, unlovable and dirty without the love of Jesus who washed my sins clean and made me a new person in his love. I believe that I can’t do anything without Christ, as he is my power who makes all things possible (Philippians 4:13). As an INTJ, God has blessed me with intuition, thinking and judgement spread the gospel through covenantal leadership and focus on God, His word and people.

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