Personality Assessment Of Personality Assessments Essay

Personality Assessment Of Personality Assessments Essay

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Assessment of Personality
This paper introduces the overview of personality assessment approaches in use currently in society. It proceeds to review the big five personality measures, its validity in prediction of personality types (Archer & Smith, 2011). Aspects on the social desirability trait and the distortion produced in responses to evaluation questionnaires, being a significant part of the problems in personality assessment is examined. Personality constructs have been demonstrated to be useful for explaining and predicting attitudes, behaviors, performance, and outcomes in organizational settings (Ones, Dilchert, Viswesvaran, & Judge, 2007). Social desirability does not have an influence on the validity of personality assessments. It is not related to performance in the job. Various strategies used for reduction of social desirability have been studied. The various tools used in assessments are recapitulated including some methodological aspects (Weiner, 2009). Cultural aspects in evaluation of personality discussed are touched upon. Two case studies are used to show the real life situation of personality assessment.
One of the most important findings, which has found acceptance in recent psychological research, is that testing cognitive ability is valid for a variety of different jobs. Personality tests and skills assessments provide valuable information for certain well-defined positions, such as seller, buyer and worker in routine production. The interviews to study the person, carried out by experts are also useful when simpler methods do not clearly show certain characteristics such as emotional stability. Psychological tests on knowledge have limited success. The diversity of requirements for them, coupled with...

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...sment no particular technique is able to reveal the essence of knowledge of the subject, so it is necessary to go for a multi-layered design, multi-technical approach (Harwood, 2012). Millon model has been greatly enriched over the last three decades, which in turn implies greater complexity that goes against simple explanations. Surely, such complexity is related to the object of study: personality. Future work on personality assessment throws up the need for validation of the use of different means of evaluation of candidates applying for a selection process (Aiken & Groth-Marnat, 2006). It would be very useful to measure the real scope and potential of using different procedures in the selection of personnel. Focus is needed to investigate the reliability and validity of combined procedures interviews, tests (aptitude and personality) and knowledge tests.

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