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Personal Writing Statement : Writing Essay

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Personal writing Statement
This semester in English 102 has been a great learning experience for me as a student. With each writing project I have grown as a writer learning new was of conducting and structuring an essay with MLA, or APA. Also this class has taught me how to create new works research writing from one original writing assignment, which I thought to be very helpful and interesting to learn rather than writing a whole new paper. English 102 was also a great experience with sentence structure and grammar which was another area of writing that I believe I have excelled in. The four writing projects that was completed throughout the semester consisted of a summary and response assignment, synthesized research, argumentative research and an informative paper.
While writing the Summary and response paper the most challenging thing for me to get through was the topic. I felt as though it is an important subject that needs to dealt with by our government but it is extremely overdone and talked about. While the simplest thing for this paper was all of the information was already at my disposal I didn’t need to go searching for the information. While writing this paper I learned how to properly construct and execute a works cited page. Also, knowing how to properly site books, articles, and personal interviews. It was extremely helpful and for me personally, because it is something that I will always need for the future to further my education. Even though I did not like the topic of college tuition, it was a great experience writing the paper.
The next assignment that we had to write was the Synthesized paper, which for me was the most fun to write, because it was about a topic that is in my field of study. I love psycholo...

... middle of paper ...

...ues that I have found that I needed to work on this semester was my time management and writing in APA format. For me my time management skills for writing a paper are limited because of my extremely busy life style. For the last paper I did bits of it at a time and learned how to get my paper done without having to stress and get it done all at once. Also my APA is something that I need to further practice and work on because I will have to use it in my schooling and eventually my career.
Overall this semester was a wonderful experience for me because I had an amazing teacher. Throughout every paper I was able to learn a new skill in my writing and become a better writer. All of the assignments that I was faced with were overall fun and great to write. These skills and experiences that I had in English 102, I will take with me for the rest of my educational career.

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