Personal Writing Improvement Assessment Essay

Personal Writing Improvement Assessment Essay

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Writing Improvement Assessment
As this course in writing, for public administrators, comes to its conclusion, I have read provided materials, researched additional references and written various journal entries and analysis papers on topics that included writing skills and real world communications. The writing skill assignments provided the most interesting points but surprisingly, it was simple proof reading that proved the skill I need to spend more time mastering. This self-assessment will focus on the improvements I have made, points I have found interesting and the goals I have set to continue to improve my writing and communication skills.
Heading into the course, I thought there would be two main challenges to my success - the requirement of formatting my writings in the American Psychological Association (APA) style and recognizing and converting passive to active voice for more concise sentences. Prior to this course, all of my previous scholarly writings required Modern Language Association (MLA) style formatting and I have had a long-standing dysfunctional relationshi...

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