Essay about Personal Writing and Memories

Essay about Personal Writing and Memories

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Why Write?
Writing gives people the opportunity to express themselves regardless of whether they are writing journalism, fiction or any other type of genre. People write for a variety of reasons and in various ways. People write because they want to express their ideas or opinions and put their thoughts on paper. They want to remember important events so they write books and publish them to educate others. It is often said that “the pen is mightier than the sword”, this quote is absolutely true. A sword can only kill one person at a time and tends not to be very persuasive in the long run but, a pen can tell many people with many swords to kill many people, or turn many citizens against their rulers. Writing is very powerful, it gives you a place to let go your anger, fear, sadness, and other painful feelings.
Some people write to soothe the soul by releasing their feelings, emotions and thoughts. For example, some song writers and poets write to release their painful feelings through writing. By writing it helps them get these emotions on paper instead of keeping them all inside. By writing, you can express feelings and express what goes on in their head. Writing letters to people when they are angry or upset really helps you release that frustration as if you were really yelling at them.
When people are stressed out or unnerved by certain situations in their lives, they write to tame those qualms. Putting thoughts on a page can help people solve those problems or just provide a sense of peace by expressing their feelings rather than keeping them bottled up inside. Examples of writing that soothes the soul are journals, diaries and poetic writing. Journaling is one of the ways people manage their painful feelings and e...

... middle of paper ... image that symbolizes or expresses happiness.

10. Yes, I did achieve the goal set by the design challenge because I traced the letter and cutted it out and sliced the resulting shape into 20 pieces. The design challenge was to use the shape to produce a new image in a creative way which I have done. I also created an image that didn’t use personal or culturall materials. In my artwork have created a new image that displays both movement and unity.

11. The restricted range of materials influence my thought and work process by limiting me with my resources so, I had difficulties during the work process. Also, I had to choose an image that was simple and easy to create because of the limited materials.

12. While working on this project, I did use any personal or culturally specific materials in my artwork. So it did not have any effect on me.

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