Personal Worldview from a Theological Perspective Essay

Personal Worldview from a Theological Perspective Essay

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Ultimate Reality: I believe the ultimate reality is God eternally exists. God the holy creator spoke all things into being. He lives in relationship in the godhead and with man. The traits of the universe and man are reflected in God's Nature. The Law and Will that man is bound by reflects who God is.
The Nature of Reality: The true nature of reality is all that is seen and unseen is real. Those unseen realities include the spiritual, time, morality, and knowledge. Obviously I know the physical is real too, it just happens the spiritual is real as well. This is an ordered universe, but due to sin the universe is in decay.
What it Means to be Human: I have also discussed some what it means to be human. We are worshipers. We are created and creative. I believe humans are individuals each with intrinsic value. We even have the individual choice to choose Salvation or not. We are moral agents and are bound by God's moral code.
We also are created to have knowledge of both tangibles and intangibles, and we will discuss that in a bit. Yes we were made perfect and we still need to pursue excellence. Yet, we will have to deal with weakness, sorrow, and death until Jesus returns and brings restoration.
Death and the Afterlife: In the broken state all living things are destined to die, even innocent babies sometimes die. Death is now part of our existence. We still grieve because we know the original order has been broken.
The corpses of men and animals are soon decomposed. But I know we are not reincarnated nor are we annihilated. Instead, the human soul awaits consciously the final judgment and our eternal destiny. For the condemned death is a time of deep sadness as it is the final separation leading to the place of...

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... I have grown in is the stewardship of work. The truth of moral stewardship also applies to money and time. I am trying to get better at not procrastinating. Often, I become an accidental liar when I say I will do task by a set time, but do not because I took to long to start. This happens far too often with me.
Also I knew plagiarism was wrong before I was a student at LBC. However, I did not understand how easy it was to plagiarize unintentionally. But I have tried to be scrupulous in my attribution, it is an issue of honesty.
I knew morals where important. but my training here further impressed me of the importance of morals. I also realized that one of the moral considerations we never think of is, teaching the right doctrine is a matter of morals. If you teach the wrong thing it is lie to people and about God. That would be the most immoral act ever.

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