Personal Views On The Word Discipline Essay

Personal Views On The Word Discipline Essay

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In my mind the word discipline can mean so many different things. It’s actually quite hard for me to explain exactly what it means. If I were to look the word up in Webster’s dictionary it might say that discipline “is control that is gained by requiring that rules or orders be obeyed and punishing bad behavior. I somewhat agree with that definition. As a prior soldier I most definitely respect rules and order. I know that my life and the lives of others I served with relied heavily on discipline. I think that when most men think of the word discipline a few images come to their minds. Some men think of R. Lee Ermey the Drill Instructor in Full Metal Jacket. Some men think of Vince Lombardi the Super Bowl winning coach. I often think of these tough in your face men with larger than life personalities. I also think of other men like Frederick Douglass, Thomas Edison, Clarence Thomas, Ronald Reagan, Henry Ford, and Truman. As I try to develop my own personal views on discipline in a classroom setting, there are two things I know for sure that discipline can many different things and that there are many ways to achieve discipline.
As I am beginning to gain perspective on my personal views of what discipline actually entails I find myself blending two different topics. These topics include classroom discipline and self-discipline. I believe one is the goal I have for students and the other is avenue in which I can help foster the journey. While trying to gain perspective I found a quote on the subject that has resonated with me. The quote is from Indian author Ritu Ghatourey. She says, “Discipline is the foundation upon which all success is built. Lack of discipline inevitably leads to failure”(9999999). This quote is powerful to...

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...will establish a positive and legal management system. Our textbook Teaching with Love and Logic says, “Discipline is one of the major areas in which teachers are susceptible to litigation. Teachers today must be prepared for such factors” (Funk and Fay).I also find it important to accept any input from not only families of students but fellow teachers. I know that due to my lack of experience any constructive criticism or tips would be beneficial. With that being said, I want my superiors and families to know that I will always be doing my best to guide and mentor the students.


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