Essay on Personal View On The End Of Life Good And Honorable Death

Essay on Personal View On The End Of Life Good And Honorable Death

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This essay will attempt to discuss the Writers personal view on the end-of-life good and honorable death as well as how the public perceives end-of-life decisions on the proper and honorable death.

Nichols declares, "Death is a transition to a greater and more perfect form of life, eternal life. For those who reject God 's call, death is a transition to a lesser state cut off from God."(54) Death is an afterlife choice that we accepted while living. For the scripture says in Roman 10:11, "Whoever believes in Him will not be disappointed." So, whatever the choice, it should be accepted with pleasure in the end-of-life because the Bible tells us what to expect from our choices in the end.

Although a person decision on how they value the quality and quantity of life is our choice, the book of Proverbs says in 14:12, "There is a way which seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death." Choosing to end our lives is not a correct decision to do. Keith Harris points out, "God, as Creator, has the power over all existence. It is not acceptable to force death. If He chooses to leave us here, then we must serve in whatever capacity our ability allows. It is God alone who should control life whether it continues or stops."(134) Kubler-Ross states, "Acceptance of death is the most realistic thing that a person can work through since all of us have to die sooner or later."(38) To take a life is an expression of ungratefulness and not trusting God with His plan for each life. The moment a person gives up on life because they feel as though the end-of-life has come and the pain endured is not worth pressing through is when God intervene and gives double for their troubles. For example, when Job wife told him to curse God and die, b...

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...e rewarded.
The trajectory of life causes a person to reflect on the past and bring families together. Moll indicates, "at funerals we remember and celebrate when people helped us to know God and be neighbors. Funerals help us to measure our days. While we mourned, we also appreciated what the loved one brought to the world."(163) Trajectory also brings families with unresolved issues together to give God glory.
As shown above, obviously, death is a transition from earth to the eternal life we chose while in the land to the permanent place for eternity. Death is what believers study, worship, and hear sermons about in church, and in small group functions. Death is not the end of life; it is only the end of a human body that encases our spirit and soul. The spirit that goes back to the Creator and the soul that goes to its eternal place that was chosen by man.

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