Essay about Personal Values That Motivate Me

Essay about Personal Values That Motivate Me

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Personal values that motivate me to become a helping professional are a positive attitude, empathy, building a relationship, having ethical standards, and communication skills.
The first personal value to becoming a great helping professional is empathy for the client. Empathy is the ability to understand the client from his or her point of view to help understand the client (Egan, pg.48) From my past life experiences of growing up with an addict is learning empathy at a young age. We could not help the family member even though we tried. So, empathy was the best way to try to understand his actions. Solving the problem was not going to happen and we did not have the skills to help the trouble family member.(Egan, 2014, pg. 6)
As a child we are taught empathy for others. Parents teach children about others feelings when they are hurt, sad, harmed or less fortunate. Kennedy urges parents to talk to their children about the emotions of others (Kennedy (2008). Children need to see parents model empathic behaviors and, they need to have the feeling of sadness for others.
Positive Behavior
The second personal value to becoming a great helping professional is having a positive attitude. According to Seligman and Csikszentmihalyi, helping clients develop unused opportunities and potential is positive psychology. Clients need to know that there are other opportunities for a better occupation, health, and home life. Treatment is not just fixing what is broken but helping the client start or redesign their life goals (Ince, 2009 pg.7) Helping the client find out their strengths and how to use them is positive behavior that all professional helpers need to help clients learn to use. Professional helpers have tools to help clien...

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...rsonal value to becoming a great helping professional is having communication skills. A helper must be able to communicate with the client formally and informally. Conversations between helpers and their clients must be therapeutic ( Knapp, 2007; Pare’ & Lysack, 2004; Seikkula & Trimble, 2005). Both the client and the helper must have good dialogue. They must be able to communicate. Communication is not a problem for me as a helper. The problem I encounter is I talk more than the client. I need to listen to the whole conversation before I make a decision. Focusing on the client and listening to the client is a process that is very important for the helper.
The values for becoming a great helping professional is to have a positive attitude, empathy for the client, a professional relationship with client, ethical standards, and great communication skills.

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