Personal Values Of The University Of Missouri Essay

Personal Values Of The University Of Missouri Essay

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Personal values are important in every person’s life, no matter their profession. They exemplify who we are. These values can provide us with a path for the type of life we aspire to lead. Through personal values we can figure out what is important to us and use that to have a successful life, whether this is emotionally, financially or in any other ways. Many institutions have core values that exemplify what the institution as a whole stands for. Institutions use their core values to guide their decisions and they are shared, adopted and believed by the entire institution. These core values help institutions; universities in this case, help students find their own path in life. The University of Missouri, Columbia has four main values: Respect, Responsibility, Discovery, and Excellence.
Respect can be defined as “esteem for a sense of the worth or excellence of a person, a personal quality or ability, or something considered as a manifestation of a personal quality or ability”. At the University of Missouri, respect if the foundation of honor and integrity. By respecting other and their qualities and abilities, one becomes an honorable and respectable person. Acting ethically, which requires following rules and standards for right conduct, acting in ways which a collective believes are good values, can make on a respectable person and help them be successful leaders. In addition, the University of Missouri’s second core value, responsibility, “is a moral obligation to behave correctively toward or in respect of”. Responsibility requires a person to have morals, knowing what you are doing is right, and make decisions based on those morals. Being responsible holds us mentally, legally, morally, etc., accountable for the decisions...

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...ic situation, using S.M.A.R.T goals. If my goals were not achieved, I will write down the reasons why they were not achieved and how I can change and improve in the future so that they will be achieved. This experience has taught me to think of responsibility differently, by making sure I am responsible before something bad happens and this way trying to avoid it. Trough modeling the behavior I want to see in others, such as not drinking and driving, I will be a better leader from my friend group and hopefully other University of Missouri students that I encounter along the way. By asking a couple of people close to me to hold me accountable for my goals and values, I will have a better chance of achieving my goals and not forgetting my values. I can be a role model for other people to also follow their own and University’s balues, code of ethics and guided beliefs.

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