Personal Values And Ethical Principles Essay

Personal Values And Ethical Principles Essay

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In Mexicali B.C. Mexico during May 1998, my mother was taking me to school and we ran into one of the neighbors and I forgot to greet them. I remember my mother slap me in the side of the head. She told me that “being politeness, does not make you weak”. From that day, I learn that I had to greet and it does not matter if I did not like that individual or if I was angry at something Else. This can be something insignificant to others, but this is where my ethics began. You’re personal values and ethical principles changes depending on what era in your life you are in and what decision you have to do in the moment of the ethical decision. First, I will begin by how I obtain my child personal values, ethical principles and some of the examples. Then my military service term which my ethics are based from three core values that is our military foundation. At last, how my personal ethical influence on my decision making and behavior.
My parents had a core foundation of catholic religion, but they put a twist of their own personal ethics and morals, specially my father because he was in the Mexican military. This is one of the reasons, I believe my ethics are based on personal values and ethical principles. I remember attending Sunday church and listening to the priest explaining the 10 commandments. Commandment number IV got my attention because it states “Honor your father and mother” (Donovan, 2016). I never question my parents the way of teaching us on what was right and wrong. For instance, they believe in spanking us, but as we got older they explain us that it’s a difference between spanking and being abusive parents because they had a close friend that they will beat their kids for any reason. My father for being was strict...

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...u are leaving for 6 months to Balad, Iraq in a week. It was difficult decision but that was the freedom I surrender to fight for others freedom. My military duty was to leave and take care of my responsibilities, even I have to sacrifice my family or my needs as a father and a spouse.
In conclusion my ethical framework are based on the personal values and ethical principles my parents taught me as a child. Then the military core values integrity first, and service before self and excellence in all we do. At last, some of the majority ethical theories that I compare with mine. I learn that it has help me on decision making and behaviors that I made in my 18 years military career. Also it has help me in the 16 years I have been married. Yes, sometimes I can be strict but I meant nothing but the best the same way my supervision expects about my standards.

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