Essay about Personal Values : A Social Work Professional

Essay about Personal Values : A Social Work Professional

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As a social work professional, you must take into account your own personal values before you can be an effective worker in this field. Social workers sometimes need to put their own values aside when working with clients who don’t share their same ideals. Clients are diverse and are not going to always have the same values that the worker has. Social workers need to be professional and adhere to the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) guidelines when working with any client.
I have a long list of values that I find very important to me, but there is a few that stand out the most. Those values are family, friendship, hard work, responsibility, respectfulness, independence, equality, and honesty. My personal values are extremely important to me and they definitely shape the person I am today.
I value having a healthy family and strong friendships. Having a support system throughout your life, and people to count on when you need them the most is important. I value hard work as well because I am a strong believer that you get what you work for. I rather work hard and earn things for myself, than be handed it with no effort involved at all. I also value responsibility and find it important for a person to be able to admit when they have done something wrong. If I don’t find someone to be responsible, than I don’t feel as if I will be able to really count on them.
Respectfulness is one of my most important values, because without respect you can’t have a healthy relationship. Every person should be treated with the same respect no matter what their difference is, or what the situation is. Independence is personally valuable to me because I have always had my twin sister by my side. The feeling of having someone to consta...

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...tance to get back on their feet, and other times clients can work with a social worker for years. Independence is valuable, but it isn’t detrimental in the social work profession.
Sometimes personal values can interfere with professional values. In the social work profession, if you can’t put aside your personal values and adhere to the six core values, then this career might not be the right fit. It can really impact the role of a social worker in this field if they are unable to adhere to the values listed within the Code of Ethics. Everyone is allowed to value their own separate things, but there are regulations and guidelines in certain professions that workers need to abide by. I think for the most part that my personal values relate to the values of the social work profession, and that they ultimately will benefit my role as a future social work professional.

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