Essay on Personal Thoughts And Opinions Of The Ohio

Essay on Personal Thoughts And Opinions Of The Ohio

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I have some thoughts I need to get off my chest. These are personal thoughts and opinions of mine. They will be long and political. If you don 't like the idea of that, scroll on.
OHIO. We need to have a talk. I 'm not mad...just disappointed. But, you did do something that, if ever repeated, will be detrimental to any chance of improving our conditions. That 's why it needs to be talked about and analyzed. Here is my analysis:

Ohio took an unexpected, unobserved-in-polls turn yesterday, out of fear. Ohio feared Trump so much that, beyond our projections (on the Blue side,) Ohio thought it more important to vote AGAINST Trump than vote FOR a best-suited candidate for a nomination. There is evidence of this being talked about online. I saw multiple posts circulating, telling people to "just vote for Kasich; we can 't deal with Trump, but we can deal with whichever Democrat wins. It doesn 't really matter." Ohio is an open primary state, so this idea can affect not just the Republicans, but the Democrats, Independents, and people of other part affiliations.

I completely understand the reasoning here. Nobody that I know disagrees that a Trump presidency would be an absolute travesty and his success to date speaks volumes about his supporters and even the whole country (if you do, cease all contact with me immediately.) After hearing Trump speak, many minority groups are genuinely fearful for the welfare of themselves and their families. I 'm pretty sure that there are more people that hate Trump than like him from every point on the political spectrum. So, you live in an open primary state, and you have the power to back a guy who, because of his role in your state...

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..., but again, that 's not really my business. What I do know is that Bernie can do it. We have the momentum, strength, persistence needed to keep going until the very end. If you read that article I shared with you, you 'll learn how that would play out. To make that a reality, we need to go full speed ahead to the next states to make sure Bernie is the Democratic nominee.

Standing up to bullies is important. However, Ohio had a scaling issue. Voters alone can 't effectively stand up to a strong candidate with a passionate movement. It takes a stronger candidate and an even more passionate movement to come out on top. That 's why Bernie is the one to back if you want Trump gone. It will require you to conquer your fear and be strong in the face of something absolutely terrifying, but you won 't be alone, and the results will be so much more worth it if you join us.

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