Personal Theory Of Personal Counseling Theory Essay examples

Personal Theory Of Personal Counseling Theory Essay examples

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Personal Counseling Theory Paper
As a future counselor, I have enjoyed learning about the different techniques and theories of counseling. Understanding each approach is important but I believe that the counselors self knowledge of her or his own values, worldviews and life philosophy is just as important for the counselor to do the job effectively. Each theory that we learned about, I could see being helpful to different people, their circumstance and individual problem. I can see myself using different parts of each in my future career. Currently, I more drawn to the Adlerian theory. I understand and agree when Adler believed that people do have the ability to monitor and control the direction of their lives.The unconscious shapes personality, but rather, that each individual is unique and that each individual has the ability to shape the sort of person he or she will become.
Adler’s philosophy, theory and practice has a very optimistic and humanistic view of life. It highlights an individual 's perceptions of reality, such as their feelings, goals, and how they deal with tasks in their life, among others. People are motivated by social interest and finding goals that provide meaning in their life. He also connected how people behave with birth order of siblings and their relationship. Adler envisioned people living and cooperating and striving for self-improvement, self-fulfillment, and how to contribute to the common welfare. One of his ideas was that if we as humans do not learn to work together , then we may end up annihilating each other. Adler’s main idea can be summed up as we are all interconnected with others and nature.
I feel that human beings are social beings. It is difficult to separate oneself from ...

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...ily therapy, the approach helps the individual be part of a group and analysis the person 's position according to birth order and the role they play in the family constellation. In the school setting, the theory can be used to teach teachers and parents to foster a child 's self growth.
As a future counselor, whether in a school or a clinical setting, I do see myself eventually having an integrated theoretical approach. I believe that each individual presents unique challenges that require unique solutions. However, I see myself using Adlerian theory as my basis and expanding to integrate other theories as I continue to expand my knowledge and understanding of how theories are incorporated to each individual 's unique circumstance. However, Adler’s theory is important in that it stresses continual growth as vital to the development of a healthy personality.

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