Essay on Personal Swot Analysis : My Motivation And Skills

Essay on Personal Swot Analysis : My Motivation And Skills

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Throughout the semester, I endeavoured to collect and assemble different pieces of evidence to help determine and discover my cognitive abilities, personal dispositions as well as interpersonal or social dispositions. Of all the evidence, I prudently selected three pieces that I considered paramount in analysing my aptitudes and skills, including a SWOT analysis, Power Point presentation and group assignment task. These tasks are advantageous as they can assist us to understand and enhance our strengths and weaknesses, presentation skills and teamwork skills respectively.

Evidence one: SWOT analysis
Strengths Weaknesses
Fluent in 3 languages Nervous when speaking with others
Well organised Quiet
Fast learner (ESL) lack writing skills

Opportunities Threats
Gain new insights & viewpoints from other individuals Other individuals are better speakers
Develop good time management skills Companies often look for individuals with excellent communication skills
Companies usually want their workers to speak more than one language

Earlier in the semester, I was requested to construct a personal SWOT analysis during the lecture; it involves outlining all my strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This SWOT analysis allowed me to understand myself better as it concentrates on recognizing both external and internal elements that influence my individual performance. It presents an extensive collection of information, offering a clear sight of my advantages and disadvantages. This piece of evidence is deemed to be extremely useful in comprehending my problems, making it simpler for me to improve myself, which can possibly turn a weakness into strength.

SWOT analysis as a powerful aid explores our capabilities and perspecti...

... middle of paper ...

...word for this?), challenge different complicated tasks and discover ways to settle our dissimilarities.
Group project also strengthens my capabilities in organising and managing time effectually, for example attending scheduled group meeting and complying my roles and responsibilities to finish my part of work within the deadline. While working within groups can be stressful, there are countless benefits and advantages if the task is well managed and organized.

I believe all these three pieces of evidence presents different capabilities and talents, SWOT analysis aims to eliminate any weaknesses and threats, a Power Point presentation enhances our interaction and presentation techniques and group project can fluent our teamwork skills and time managing skills. These evaluation tools are effective means to prepare us before stepping into the professional realm.

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