Personal Swot Analysis : Leadership Essay

Personal Swot Analysis : Leadership Essay

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Personal SWOT Analysis


Time Management
Personal Money Management
Networking Abilities
Technology replacement


Leadership: During my life I have always felt it was important to be a leader in every activity that was presented to me. In school, I have always taken the responsibility of leading my team to get A 's on our group projects. I believe it is important to not only show your personal qualifications but to also bring out the best in other people around you. A leader is someone who can bring success to a group not to just themselves. I show great leadership qualities within my group of friends. I not only want myself to graduate into a career, but I also want my friends to do the same. If they need help with a paper, or achieving a goal, I am always there to help.

Motivated: Motivation is a strength that I have always prided myself on. My mother and father have always worked extremely hard to give our family a good life, which has motivated me to do the same and more. I will be the second person in my father 's family to graduate from college and the first on my mother 's side. This motivates me to graduate, start a career, and build a strong family to live a good quality life like my parents. Motivation is the key to success, and I already found the key.

Hardworking: I consider hardworking to be one of my greatest strengths because I always strive to go above and beyond the expectations that I am held accountable for. In my personal life, I get a sense of accomplishment by attending college full-time while also having a part-time job. In my professional career, I always a...

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Technology: Today 's society requires constant change with advancing technology. More and more jobs are being taken over by robots and computers that can do the job of 25 people with a click of a button. As the world is rapidly evolving into a technology geared society, I believe computers and robots are an extreme threat to my advancement in the business world.

Competition: Each year, thousands of job searching students are competing to join the work force in the world. Although, I believe my education is a great strength for me, I also believe it won 't make me stand out over other educated students graduating. With the economy struggle and higher rates of graduating students, it will be harder to find the desired job that every student wants. I will need to depend on my skills, dedication, and personality in order to compete with other graduating students.

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