Personal Statement : Why I Chose At College Essay examples

Personal Statement : Why I Chose At College Essay examples

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Why College?
An Analysis of Why I Chose to Come to College
Coming out of my senior high school was one of the most difficult tasks I 've been given up to this point in my life. I was overwhelmed, excited, sad, busy, and uncertain of the near impending future. The past 13 years of my life I had been studying, practicing, playing, and working my way towards a brighter future. I could see the future in front of me, it was as if I could reach out and touch it. It was almost like getting a shot at the doctors, I knew it was what was best for me but I was terrified anyway. But I pushed aside my fears and on August 8, 2015, I set foot on a college campus, my home for the next four years. I knew why I was there though; I came to college in order to channel the love I have for my country into the motivation necessary to take the next step up the ladder towards a constitutional law degree, a degree I’ll use to protect this country and the people who reside in it. But to truly understand why I came to college, I have to start at the beginning.
I grew up in a very patriotic family in a very patriotic part of the country. My family has a military history: my Dad was in the Navy, my Grandpa in the Army, my uncles in various branches of service and so on and so forth. They all fought proudly and instilled in me a desire to do the same. After my dad showed me the movie “Top Gun”, a movie about a Naval Fighter Pilot, I became extraordinarily interested in fighting for my country. I dug deeper and deeper into information about ways to serve, and when I could serve, and why people chose to serve and as my research continued I stumbled upon a large quantity of information about American history. I would research during the day and then talk with my...

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...lp make our lives as easy and smooth as possible. With this I can help improve the quality of life for as many people as I come into contact with, which is something I ultimately really want to do.
I have come to a conclusion at this point in my life. As a kid I was shaped by patriots, I was captivated by history, and have now become driven to protect the Constitution of the United States of America and the great people who fall under it’s power. The most efficient and successful way I can achieve this is by becoming a constitutional lawyer, an occupation which requires not 4 but 7 years of college. So here I am. I’ve come this far yet it’s just the beginning. College will open the door to changing the way I look at the world and the way that I myself change the world. I stood looking at all my options and this was the best one, so that’s why I’m here in college now.

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