Personal Statement : Transactional Leadership Essay

Personal Statement : Transactional Leadership Essay

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the self-interest of employees that seek out rewards for. In addition, transactional leadership is more akin to the status quo ideal of management, while transformational leadership adheres more closely to what is conventionally referred to as servant leadership.
Criticisms or Controversies
Transactional leadership is thought of as the most commonly employed leadership style and emphasizes social transaction or exchange between followers and a leader that involves a number of transactions based on reward. The transactional leader makes clear what their performance expectations, goals, rewards and potential punishments are. The transactional leader also watches their followers ' performance, and whether any mistakes occur that hindered achievement of the leader’s preset goals (Goleman, Boyatzis & McKee, 2013).
Theory Three: Servant Leadership Description
Servant leadership is a viewpoint and a set of ideals that are designed to improve the lives of employees, to enhance management fairness, and to create a more thoughtful environment. The reigning principle of servant leadership is to empower those who work for a manager. Instead of castigating or instilling fear in those who work for an organization, a servant-leader will seek to make their employees confident and creative and to empower those around them. The servant-leader always strives to find ways to conduct power-sharing in an effort to consistently put the needs and growth of their subordinates first through personal development, personal contentment and personal challenge to take ownership of their positions, tasks and objectives.
Positive Impact in the Field
The managerial philosophy known as servant leadership was developed through Robert K. Greenleaf’s writing (1970...

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...eadership and servant leadership have comparable characteristics, like personalized gratitude and thoughtfulness toward their followers. Perhaps the most striking difference is that transformational leadership is more focused on the vision workers seek to achieve and servant leadership is more concerned for the workers who seek to accomplish the vision.
The Servant-leader 's motivation to lead occurs from a fundamental attitude of social equality. The servant-leader 's system believes that they have no greater value than those they lead, and all associates of the organization have equal privileges to vision, value, and information. The leader 's role is to make a community within the organization very apparent throughout the organization. Servant leadership tends to develop a more fixed method to the exterior environment than transformational leadership.

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