Personal Statement : The Willpower Instinct By Kelly Mcgonigal

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What I fear the most is not being able to work out as hard as I use to do to have my talent because I believe that practicing made me a good soccer player and It was not a skill that I was born with. When I came to America i did not want to stop what I already started back home so I wanted to join my high school soccer team and keep practicing. Unfortunately, I went to school two weeks late and I missed the try out. I kept practicing with my brother for the first few month but after that I got bored I wanted a team that I can play with but I did not know any, and I didn’t look up for any soccer team because I was hopeless and thought that I lost all my skills and I have to start all over again. When I started reading The Willpower Instinct by Kelly McGonigal,I was curious to know what willpower is, and if I do have something like that or not. Along with the reading I had my first willpower challenge on my mind and it was “NOT to drop out of my math class” but a week later I dropped it. So I thought about it, and I found out that it was not what I want or what I will work hard for and the best way to improve what you want to do is to have self control. Self-control is like a muscle. It gets tired from continuous use. In the book are various “exercises” you can do to strengthen your willpower. McGonigal stated that “Meditation is not about getting rid of all your thoughts; it’s learning not to get so lost in them that you forget what your goal is. Don’t worry if your focus isn’t perfect when meditating. Just practice coming back to the breath, again and again.” Reading this quote I decided to go back to the gym with somebody so I can have motivation, and have someone to push me to my goal, Because somehow “we all Eid2 ... ... middle of paper ... does not know how to finish what they had in mind. But after that I realized that nothing has changed so I decided to get over my bad thoughts and start practicing. Reading this book I got some tips and “exercises” that helped me when i was feeling down and i wanted to give up. I waited ten minutes every time i was tempted by something. i did not let any distraction lead me to failure. When it was time to make decision everything i did was to focus and if i could not come up with something good, i stopped and waited and started thinking all over again about everything that has to do with the decision that i have to take. “ do I really need it?” “is It going to make me feel better or worst later?”. During my weakest time I was looking forward to the rewards i am going to get at the end. Those tips from Mcgonigal where helpful and pushed me when i stopped.

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