Personal Statement : ' The Night Of Zelda Game On My Couch ' Essay

Personal Statement : ' The Night Of Zelda Game On My Couch ' Essay

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Everything - all of our suitcases and carry-on luggage - was ready and packed.
I paused my Legend of Zelda game and left the game consoles on my couch. I walked into the hallway of my house to stare at the line of luggages piled against the wall, lined perfectly next to each other. Many of them, I knew, were filled with gifts and food for our relatives in China. None of them carried our clothes. My mom only wanted us to carry the ones we were currently wearing, plus our pajamas.
“You don’t need to bring any,” my mom explained. “You can buy clothes there.”
I took notice of my dog, Joey, sniffing the luggages. I sighed inwardly, thinking about the five weeks my two dogs were going to spend without me and my family, even though my dad would stay for another two weeks. I worried over how my dogs may not recognize me after five weeks.
“Wei, wei,” my dad waved at me, taking some of the luggages in his hands to the car. “Get ready to leave.”
I sucked the insides of my cheeks and walked back into the living room. I headed towards the couch, grabbed the game console, and exited my game after saving it.
At around 7:30 p.m., I quickly slipped my feet in my shoes and tied it. Joey ran up to me after seeing me and my siblings getting ready to head out the door. He wagged his tail as if asking to be brought along.
“See you in five weeks, Joey,” I said as I left the house.
Me, my twin, Jessica, little sister, Jenny, and mom boarded the plane at around 12:00 or 1:00 a.m. The flight attendants, dressed nicely in their red uniform, had directed us to our seats. After pushing past a few people, who had crowded the aisle, and getting to our seats, my mom helped me and my sisters put our luggage in the overhead.
There were three seats for...

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... the sausage into my mouth and savor the honey from the sausage. I ate until my stomach was satisfied.
It was already dark out by the time evening came. The sun cannot be seen and the lights of the shops and night markets were opened. My aunt took me to explore the streets I had not seen in six years.
The streets were bustling with people going to and from different locations. Vendors were selling food stuck on wooden skewers and men were waiting for people to ride on their rickshaw. There were friends and couples walking around window shopping and elder men and women carrying bags of groceries.
It was just like I had remembered it. From the smell of fuel from motorcycles to sweltering hot weather to the smell of food and beautiful lights of the night market, everything was still the same.
I did not understand why I refused to come here in the first place.

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