Personal Statement : The Field Tree Essay

Personal Statement : The Field Tree Essay

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The field tree was such an odd choice of location for my grandmother’s ashes, but my aunts and uncles were adamant about this decision because of the love she had for its beauty. It’s such a shame that it takes a tragic, life-changing experience before most people to appreciate life itself; this was my story and what possibly saved my life.
Five years ago I was an entirely different person, the woman I am today despises who I used to be. I was living between my parent’s house and my ex-boyfriend’s (Jason) grandmothers house at age 26; an overweight, unemployed party animal with no drive, motivation, or intention of ever doing anything different. Jason’s sister, Larae, was my best friend. She was a single parent of 2 children living in the projects and living on welfare. We partied and drank with no responsibilities, and I thought this was the way life was and will always be. Jason was very verbally and physically abusive. He cheated on me almost every day and treated me like trash. At this point in my life I had such low self-esteem that I wouldn’t ever think of leaving him. My parents, both disabled, worried about me 24/7 and feared for my safety every single day and night. I had not one care in the world of what I was putting them through, nor anyone else; I was so wrapped up in my own personal issues and constantly stressed out from staying up every night, devastated knowing Jason was cheating on me.
My grandmother and I never really had a close relationship. I never called her grandma, she would always say it made her feel old, so we called her “mom” at her request. She lived out on her farm and had a lot of work to do with cattle and other chores; she was also a bit strange when it came to family affection. I knew I love...

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...tal and continue with this healthy lifestyle. Last year I met my current boyfriend, Mike, who treats me with more respect than I ever thought existed. He has shown me that relationships are not supposed to be that way and makes me feel loved and appreciated, I have never felt more content and happy. No more sleepless nights of wondering who my significant other is sleeping with, this alone feels surreal. I landed a job at Mayo clinic Urgent Care a year ago and still continue to work there today. Mike and I live together in a beautiful apartment, pay our bills, and drive new cars. I can’t help thinking this is some kind of miracle, but it is not; this is the result of the strength and motivation I gained from being nothing, showing myself and my family that I can and I will be the person they always knew I could be. Thank you, grandma ‘mom’ Donna, you changed my life.

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