Essay about Personal Statement : ' The Blue Book '

Essay about Personal Statement : ' The Blue Book '

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My outside encounter was with Noel. We met on the bottom floor of the cafeteria building on campus and immediately got to work. My initial perceptions of Noel were simple. I thought of him as a basketball player at park. I had some initial stigmas associated with basketball and other sports players from the school as I heard last semester from another basketball player bragging about how a teacher had made an exception on a grade merely for the fact that she played the game. I have heard rumors about favoritism towards athletes, but my experience was the first time that I heard confirmation. I know this probably isn’t done with everyone involved, however, it was a thought in my mind.
Noel talks every class, but I can’t recall anything significant from those conversations. Just sharing the normal issues of life, but hasn’t shared anything that I considered remarkable. If referring back to the previous assignment out of the blue book my knowledge seemed very one dimensional in a way. It wasn’t until I got to talking with Noel that I was able to go deeper. As soon as we sat down we went straight at it I asked him first what he would like to know about me. I knew from previous idle chat that he was curious about issues involving my girlfriend and the death of my mother, so it was no surprise to me when he brought up the main question of asking what it was like to lose someone so close to me. I told him that it was indescribable. I know of no words that could describe the grief that I was going through at the time that it occurred. I went into a little bit of the details on what I did after and how I struggled with it. I also told him how moving to Kansas in 7th grade helped me immensely and resulted in me getting my life back on trac...

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...wanted to be.
After this we closed things off for a bit because he had to go to practice. Upon reflecting on our conversation it changed my preconceived notions that I had applied to athletes on campus. Here is an individual who had a relatively comfortable life growing up, had a time of struggle, then landed on both his feet and got back on course. Even though he hasn’t entirely figured out what he wanted to do with his major the point is that he is moving in the right direction. He also has a good head on his shoulders and seems like a man with a good sense of morality. Don’t rock the boat is what I kind of believe to be one of his mottos in life and in a sense this is something that many of us can learn from if effected in a positive way. Overall, I gained a deeper respect for Noel after our conversation and allowed me to view him in a more three-dimensional way.

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