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Personal Statement : Team Allegiance Smite Essays

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Team Allegiance Smite

MoneyMatches has recently had the pleasure of catching up with Team Allegiance’s Cassidy “Cardiac” Cameron, about their recent Smite PC roster changes, their phenomenal performance at the SMITE Super Regional, and what they expect coming into SMITE Worlds and beyond.

Before we get into the exciting talk about Worlds and the Super Regional, I know you had a roster change. Being the coach I’m sure you had some say on who joined, so what were some of the biggest reasons behind picking up “Oceans”, “Cyclonespin” and “PolarBearMike”?

At the group stage LAN we had some high expectations going into it. We had been scrimming pretty well together, but at the LAN itself, we didn’t meet those expectations. A few people had underperformed and after the LAN the underperforming continued and created some hostility in the environment. We knew that going into the Super Regionals and qualifying for Worlds would be difficult and we didn’t think the roster that we had could make it. Since the main goal of the season is to make it to Worlds we decided to make some roster changes. The players we picked up were all together on a lower level team, but in my opinion were the team 's strongest players. Cyclonespin has always been considered a strong “solo laner” and I’d still consider him one of the best in the world. PolarBearMike and Oceans had been dual laning for a while so the synergy was already there. To add to it, W3aken and Cyclonespin had teamed together before so there was already a level of comfort on the team.

Now for the exciting talk. Going into the Super Regional, the team didn 't have much experience together. What were your initial expectations when arriving to the event?

We knew two teams were going to...

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...k gambling can add to SMITE?

It’s for sure going to add a stronger fan base to SMITE. If you put money on a team you’ll tune in and cheer for them a lot more than you normally do. It’s good in esports in general to have a betting scene. People like to have the ability to bet that their favorite team wins. It also creates a fun aspect besides just watching the game. You now have more to look forward to and maybe some financial gain.

Lastly, who’s your favorite Team Allegiance Sponsor?

Obviously it 's MoneyMatches, but all of Team Allegiance do so much for us and we appreciate them all. For me though, MoneyMatches is #1.

Goodluck and thanks again to Cassidy “Cardiac” Cameron for his time throughout this interview. Be sure to check us out at to have the chance to win big by betting on Team Allegiance throughout the rest of this SMITE season.

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