Essay on Personal Statement : Teaching Is A Privilege

Essay on Personal Statement : Teaching Is A Privilege

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I believe that teaching is a privilege. It is an honor to be the part of educating the future generations, influence a change in another person and help children reach their potential. I believe each child is a unique individual who has a potential to bring something special to the world. I believe greatness is in everybody and I will assist my students in the process of discovering who they are. In my classroom, I will strive to help guide my students in the way that they will never have to question their potential and worth.
I believe all children can learn at a high level regardless of their race, ethnicity and background. In order to accomplish this goal, I will foster a secure, caring and stimulating environment filled with laughter where a culture of respect, emotional and academic growth will be nurtured. I will set high expectations and provide a variety of instructional methods to support all learning styles. I will encourage my students to express their own ideas and knowledge by developing and providing creative assignments, active learning and cooperative problem solving. As a teacher, my responsibility is to know who my students are, what knowledge and experience they bring to the class and then facilitate individualized, different approaches to their learning. I am aware that I should tailor the curriculum to meet the various needs of my learners and shape the lessons in order to relate to their culture.
I believe a vital component of future success of my students is creating a safe atmosphere, stimulate camaraderie and build a sense of community with them. I believe what Vygotsky suggests, learning occurs through social interactions; therefore it is important for me to promote a culturally competitive classroom env...

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...e students will be able to recognize the characteristic buildings or/and places in various countries.

• Materials and technology
A computer, a projector, Google Maps, You Tube, photographs with popular buildings/places in Poland, Mexico, India and Japan, flashcards showing a person jumping, swimming, riding a bike, running, hopping, flying, reading, playing the guitar, singing a song, swinging, climbing and crawling, printed copies with a Reading A-Z book, level A “I can”, a survey asking about various abilities of the students, stapled sheets of paper with the sentences: “I can speak …”, “I can … but I can’t …”, “In … you can see …”
• Opening of Lesson
Begin the lesson with a song “What can you do?” which is available on YouTube. During playing the song, sing it aloud and encourage your students to sing a song and do the actions with you. Play a couple of times.

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