Essay about Personal Statement : St Mary 's College

Essay about Personal Statement : St Mary 's College

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In 500 words or fewer, please describe what subjects you have excelled in during high school? What subjects have you found to be the most challenging? What supports did you utilize to improve your understanding of academic material, and what types of support will you seek at Saint Mary 's College?

School since the beginning was difficult for me. I have always struggled in my academics especially in English class. I understand math better than any other subject because it is black and white. History came naturally as well as science. English for some reason was hard to grasp and still is occasionally. I have struggled in my english classes but I am now proud to say that I will graduate with an english grade that I am proud of.
I am very glad that my high school offers and tutorial period. This is a period that is implemented into our schedule to ask for help or be tutored on a certain subject. I would use this period to check in with my english teacher to see if she could proof read or advice me to do other things to help me succeed in her class. I would do the same if I were to have a problem with a certain subject at Saint Mary’s. I would go to the writing center and have them help me proofread my assignments and would get a tutor if needed. I would also talk to the professor and see what they have to advice me to improve in their class. When it comes to math I do not struggle as much. It has always came to me naturally. I love math because for most of the time there is only one right answer. I like that you can strategize different ways to get to the right answer and if I do not get the material Saint Mary’s will do their best to help me out if I need it.
I take my academics very seriously and I am glad my school offers r...

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...ribute to the HPSS.
You first have to be educated on the catholic faith to start to believe. Like the mission statement says The lasallian education is to empower us to a whole person spiritually. We believe that the presence of God in our life is important. By doing this I can attract many young adults by connecting to them. I’ve been told I have a charm for just loving and caring people for who they are. I share the knowledge I have with them as they do with me. This leads to a friendship with a foundation that is based on our common interests as well as Saint Mary’s Mission.
I feel as I can bring many things to this program. I hope to grow as a person and succeed in my academics, while still living up to the mission statement. I can bring my knowledge and my faith as well as my social skills. I feel as this will benefit High Potential Sphere of Success program.

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