Personal Statement : Spiritual Discipline Essay

Personal Statement : Spiritual Discipline Essay

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I recently came across a very interesting topic that impacted my life greatly, and that topic was spiritual discipline. There are many forms of spiritual discipline that we as Christian encounter each day. Spiritual discipline is an aid that helps us be more like Jesus. It trains us to hear His voice and obey Him. Spiritual discipline is not obeying the laws and commandments, it is talking with God and showing the internal change that He put in us on the outside. Spiritual discipline puts us in a position where we go before Him and he transforms us and makes us new. “Disciplines are things you do— such as read, meditate, pray, fast, worship, serve, learn, and so on. The goal of practicing a given Discipline, of course, is not about doing as much as it is about being, that is, being like Jesus. But the biblical way to grow in being more like Jesus is through the rightly motivated doing of the biblical Spiritual Disciplines” (Whitney, 1991) There are three major Spiritual disciplines. They are inwards, outwards, and corporate.
Inward is one major part of Spiritual disciplines because it is something that Christians face every day with themselves. It is something that happens internal with Christians and something that they should face on their own with God. In my opinion, I believe that inward spiritual discipline is a discipline that only you can initiate in ourselves and do something about it. Helping us know the inward spiritual discipline will better us as Christians to lead a more ‘Jesus like’ life.
Meditation is a part of inward spiritual discipline that helps us become one with God. It helps us seek Gods word and seek what how He thinks. Meditation is, as Terry Tarsuik worded it “The ability to hear Go...

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... when you are able to be alone with God, in all calmness and free from all things so that you can hear His voice. Solitude is more hearing than speaking, it’s an act of listening. You should find a quiet place where you can be still and listen to God, and if you start wandering off than starting to pray with help. A good verse in the Bible is “Be still and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10) because solitude is good for us to have to in order to spiritually grow. It’s difficult and requires practice but it will be very beneficial.
Submission is the ability of taking away the burden of having your way. Submission is having the ability to give and value others. When you submit, you have to realize that your way may not be right, and you have to give that up. It is not something that you would pity yourself with or try to manipulate in order to get your way.

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