Personal Statement : ' Solitude And Leadership ' Essay

Personal Statement : ' Solitude And Leadership ' Essay

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Prior to this reading assignment, I would have described a leader as someone confident, charismatic, and mature enough to lead a group. Simply reading and processing the information and ideas that both articles shared left me with almost as many questions as answers. Deresiewiez did a wonderful job of shattering what I had believed about leadership when he asked, “Does being a leader, I wondered, just mean being accomplished, being successful? ... I don’t think so.” If that statement is true, what then is leadership? Reading “Solitude and Leadership” followed by “Heavy”, I realized there are certain characteristics that can make someone a leader instead “world-class hoop jumpers” as Deresiewiez so appropriately described.
Perhaps one of the most crucial parts of a leader is the ability to critically think. Independent thinking seems like an impossibly easy task to accomplish; nearly anyone who enters kindergarten has the ability to formulate thoughts. However, as Deresiewiez pointed out, American society has long been promoting those who do not think critically. Large corporations or bureaucracies desire someone who follows the rules and fulfills a task without questioning why the task was required in the first place. “Solitude and Leadership” stresses that being a thinker requires one to have privacy of mind, or solitude, in order to think things through for yourself. Even a critical thinker will encounter roadblocks to leadership if they are unwilling to share their thoughts with the group, regardless if it is the popular opinion or not. Deresiewiez emphasizes that this form of courage is nearly as critical as being a true thinker itself.
While having solitude of mind to collect your thoughts and formulate your opinions regardin...

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... those who have a deceitful nature from those who have good character and motives.
Finally, a leader must also be a follower. Though this sounds extremely counter intuitive, a leader cannot lead without first understanding what it means to be a follower. Whether they realize it or not, most people seek counsel from others in positions of authority or from those they believe have greater wisdom. Why would every President need advisers if he knew everything and anything about every little detail surrounding the American populace? We need other sources of information and knowledge in order to make wise judgments and even begin to understand our own thoughts and beliefs. I will be entering a college community as a follower who wishes to think deeply, listen carefully, and judge objectively so that one day I can become a better leader in whichever direction life takes me.

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