Personal Statement : Self Love Essay

Personal Statement : Self Love Essay

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I want to begin by reminding you that there will never be absolutely anybody like you. Please soak that sentence in for a minute. Now ponder on this, you have your own unique gifts that no one will ever have! You are a BIG deal and you really need to realize and come to terms that you are that special!
Self-love helps build the foundation of who we really are so if this foundation is not solid, life can feel shaky at times. When we truly start to love ourselves, things begin to fall into place for us and life itself begins to feel truly beautiful which is the way life was intended to be felt.
So what exactly is self-love? Self-love is much more than feeling good or taking time for ourselves. It’s a state of appreciation for ourselves. This appreciation grows from actions we take to support our physical, psychological and our spiritual growth. We are able to accept both our strengths and our weaknesses when we have true self love.
At one point in time, I thought it was selfish to love myself because of the views society plants in our minds. Please don 't fall into this trap, because loving ourselves is not selfish at all! What does a flight attendant tell us to do before helping anyone on the plane during an emergency? We must first put on our own oxygen mask because it 's the only way we will be able to help everyone else. The same applies to self love because when we truly love ourselves we are able to truly love and help other people.
Love is probably one of my favorite topics because I truly believe that love can literally make the world go round but it all starts with loving ourselves first. When I talk about loving ourselves I mean loving everything about us including the beautiful qualities we have, things we migh...

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...ator, your dashboard, basically anywhere and everywhere where you will be reminded to repeat them and this will help you start rewriting your brain to believe in your awesome self!
It 's so sad to see many people not truly loving themselves and putting conditions on when they will love themselves like when they get a better job, a new home, lose weight, etc. Make a decision right now to love yourself as the person you are right now in this moment. I feel that if you are not willing to start today then you will keep finding excuses and you can go your entire life with excuses on why you can 't genuinely love yourself and this I promise will keep you from creating the reality you truly desire.
Before going on to the next chapter I challenge you to say "I love myself unconditionally" twenty times and if possible look at yourself in the mirror as you say this out loud.

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