Personal Statement : Self Care Essay

Personal Statement : Self Care Essay

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My Self Care Plan
Self-care has many definitions, to me, I think self-care is the act of doing things that help decrease stress and improve the quality of life. Understanding self-care is really important in a lot of career fields but I believe the medical field demands more of the people who work in it. What I mean by this is you will see and do things that will leave you exhausted. If you do not know how to decrease that stress and exhaustion you will be burnt out very quickly. I have seen burn out happen to the most caring health care professional and it is always sad to see.
I have been working in health care for about 2 years now and have experienced a lot of stress during my undergraduate years. I learned that if you do not take care of yourself, you could not perform to your highest level. In most professional fields this might not be the biggest deal but in health care you are not just fixing a body, you are taking care of a human.
What is Self-Care
Since self-care has a couple of definitions from those that look at self care from a strictly health professional stance to what a general idea of self-care is. For the sake of this paper I am only going to look at self-care from a basic understanding. states that self-care is the care of oneself without medical interference or consult. I like this definition because I think it covers all the areas of self-care without being too specific.
When I do my own personal self-care I tend to do 2 things. What I end up doing is exercising and what I like to term “introverted time”. Exercise has a lot of links with self-care because exercise tends to make people decompress by releasing endorphins. Introverted time is more of something I have learned to do over the cour...

... middle of paper ... journals say that introverted time is not the most effective course in self care. I don’t believe this mainly because it works for me so well
In conclusion, I think that self-care is a trial and error type of process. You have to try things that you think will work and see how you feel. Not two people are the same so I think there is no “wrong” way to deal with your self-care. Just make sure you are doing self care is the best thing you can do to take care of your number one priority. For me using these methods of exercise and introverted time I know how to handle big stressors in my life. I already use these methods to make me feel better and maintain my mental health. Not only in school now but also later in my career as a nurse in a hospital or private clinic. You have to make sure you take care of you so you can take care of others who need you.

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