Personal Statement: Pursuing a Career in Healthcare Essay

Personal Statement: Pursuing a Career in Healthcare Essay

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As a foreigner growing up in a different country and attending college for the first time in the United States, it was important that I create an opportunity to pursue a career in the health care profession. Some of the obstacles I have faced while starting my college career were English as a second language, time management, and working full time while pursuing a degree. However, last but most importantly, being a good mother while trying to juggle it all.
Living in Jamaica and Antigua and Barbuda for most of my academic life presented me with a great challenge when I first arrived in the United States. As an immigrant my spoken English was not well developed. Being a Caribbean native, English is not our primary language and I had little to no practice in speaking it. When talking with professors and other students I was conscious of the fact I sounded different, may have been speaking the incorrect words, or that might not be understood. Furthermore, in Jamaica we use slang in both conversation and in writing. It was an adjustment for me to speak one way and write another. Anot...

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