Essay about Personal Statement : Public Administration Career

Essay about Personal Statement : Public Administration Career

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Throughout the course of my Masters in Public Administration career, I have gained valuable knowledge to enter into the career of public service. Upon entering my graduate degree coursework, I was unfamiliar with the world of public service outside my love of philanthropy and own volunteer work. Over the past two and half years, I have learned how to think critically when faced with ethical and constitutional dilemmas, manage a budget, understand the policy process, communicate with the public, and manage and lead in a way that is productive to the whole and not the individual. My certificate in Nonprofit Management has paved the way for my understanding of marketing, fundraising, and operating a nonprofit.
During my Intro into Public Administration, we focused on a variety of the issues faced in Public Administration today. I was unaware of a lot of the issues surrounding my chosen career path, but after a few months on the subject, I feel much more prepared to understand the ethical and critical issues of the world of public service. In my essay, “The Critical Issues in Public Administration Today,” I addressed the role that effective administrative leaders pursue in effect reorganization and the ability to make ethical and logical decisions.
Public Administrators are faced with many decisions on a regular basis that often impact a large group of individuals. Due to that fact, their decisions are often very critical and must be carefully thought out to understand the effect it can have. My final essay for my Intro to Public Administration class provided value to my education and allowed me to analyze situations of successful or unsuccessful reorganization and when ethical decision-making came into play.
Organizational Dyna...

... middle of paper ... the ideal way to treat conflict and instead of viewing it as good or bad, to view it as a way to integrate ideas. Integration was the true way to bring a harmonious environment to an organization. Prior to reading Follett, I had never viewed conflict in this manner and it was certainly eye opening to view it in such a different light.
In addition to pursuing my Masters in Public Administration, I completed my Certificate in Nonprofit Management. Two of the courses I fulfilled were Marketing for Nonprofits and Fundraising for Nonprofits. After graduation, I plan to continue my pursuit of a career in fundraising and marketing for nonprofits and these two classes were fundamental to it. My Marketing course centered on partnering with a nonprofit of my choice to analyze their current marketing efforts and create a marketing plan for the nonprofit moving forwards.

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