Personal Statement : Proper Time Management Essay

Personal Statement : Proper Time Management Essay

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Successful marriages are dependent upon spouses sharing time with one another. Every married couple needs to set time aside to exclusively focus upon one another. Consequently, it is important married couples to examine their calendars, know each other’s schedules, and plan to spend time together. Intentional planning is essential to companionship; the busy modern world has a way of filling in nonobligatory time with other important issues. Married couples need to make time for what they value and work around everything else.
Concrete experience My busy schedule has often made it challenging to meet all of my marital obligations. However, proper time management has enabled me to make the best of a challenging situation. In our home, I have a typed schedule that is printed up each week and placed next to our monthly calendar. Events that are important to our family are printed on the monthly calendar and we try to participate in them together as much as possible. A list of chores that need to be completed on time is also next to the calendar.
This minimalizes discretionary time, thus enabling my wife and myself to spend more time together. Practicing proper time management promotes companionship within a marriage. This is a twofold effect. Owing to the fact, that as a couple, my wife and I have denoted which leisure time activities are important, and which chores are important. Consequently, we spend more leisure time together. In addition, we also spend more time together working on domestic projects, thus enhancing companionship.
For example, we enjoy vacations, watching our daughters’ basketball games, and going to family gatherings. These are great opportunities for us to bond with one another. Equally importan...

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...f these aspects over the last 16 years in our improved relationship to one another and our increased happiness. I have benefitted personally from these aspects, I take on greater challenges than if I were alone and feel confident that I can rely upon my spouse for her support. These two factors have given me increased self-esteem. Because of my interest in mutual spiritual commitment, adhering to shared moral values, and companionship I have been able to develop and grow my relationship with my wife. My particular study and learning concerning mutual spiritual commitment, adhering to shared moral values, and companionship, has encouraged me to put them into practice and foster a healthier marriage. Furthermore, these aspects have helped me to understand how close relationships between people work and how to nurture them in ways which benefit both partners.

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