Essay on Personal Statement : Professional Health

Essay on Personal Statement : Professional Health

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In part 1 of the professional health paper, I mentioned during that time I did not have any friends that support me nor share the same similarities as I. In addition, I shared that I did not have people in my life that gave their time to listen to my frustrations. In September, I was not succeeding in this area of my life. There were multiple times that I felt alone. Now, I recently met two girls that live on campus that I connect with and one that lives off campus. We sometimes do homework together and we also spent time together outside of Olivet. I noticed the importance of building friendships with others. It seems as if my relationship with people has become healthier and I feel happier than I was in September. The plan I created was for me to become more open to communicating with others and I was successful with that. One of the factors that contributed to this was me going to the “Sister Talk” meetings that were held on campus and just being able to intermingle with other females surrounding me. To ensure myself that this plan will be accomplished in the future, I must continue mingling with others surrounding me and be open to communicating with others.
As far as my self-worth and my self-image, I am still working towards establishing who I truly am. As I mentioned in the previous part 1, I experienced a terrible break-up of a four- year relationship this summer. All I knew was that person, and I did not even know who I was. I felt completely alone after he left my life. I felt as though I was worthless. I did not feel valued. I begged and cried for him to come back in my life.
However, my plan was to put my trust in God, read some daily devotions, and pray faithfully. Through...

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... plan of spending quality time with God in prayer. I came to the conclusion that I am nothing without Christ. It was necessary for me to have God in my life in order for me to know who I truly am. In part 1, I mentioned that I plan to stand in the mirror every morning for about a minute telling myself that I am smart, I am capable of doing anything, I am successful, I am beautiful, and I am loved. I must admit that plan only worked for about a week. Instead, I had to change it. I wrote encouraging words and quotes on sticky notes and placed them on my door and mirror. The sticky notes actually helped me more because I would read them every day and I still do. My plan was to also remain faithful to God in prayer to build a bond with Him and it worked. My plan has worked out for the better and I plan to continue following the same steps I took to get me where I am now.

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