Personal Statement : Professional Development Essay examples

Personal Statement : Professional Development Essay examples

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Professional Development Paper
While growing up, I had a wonderful family. We were a blended family but that only meant that there was more love to fill our hearts. In high school, my world fell apart and I had to choose to fall or fly. I was having to make decisions for two, and still being a teenager myself, I was faced with homelessness and trying to find steady employment. Sitting in my bedroom filled with teeny boppers paraphernalia, baby bottles, and my two-month old son, Avery, I made a choice, that I believe, effected the direction my life has gone.

Rationale for the Professional Development Plan

My family was perfect. We all seemed happy, we all spent quality time together, and I thought our family was invincible. Before my parents were married, they both had children from previous marriages. My brothers and sister were all significantly older than me but we all seemed to be together all of the time. As time passed my siblings all graduated high school and moved on to college and to have their own families. My last year of high school, my world was in shambles. Mom and dad had seemed to forget about their teenage daughter at home, and I was having to make decisions that a seventeen-year-old shouldn 't be making alone. With a little inspiration from my infant son, I was able to make a decision that leads me on the path I am now.

I would come home from school one day with my dad gone and mom cursing his name in the other room. I didn’t think much of it all, thinking it would all blow over. I thought dad would come home, plop down in his recliner and pop open a beer, and mom would partake in retail therapy. A couple days went by and dad still wasn’t in his recliner and mom was still cursing his name and the groun...

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...eek from being eighteen and felt like my family had completely disregarded that fact that I still needed their help and support. I stopped talking to my mother, stopped trying to contact my father, and I tried to reach out to my siblings, which was ultimately unsuccessful.
I had the choice to give up or move forward. With my baby in tow, I set out to find a legitimate job and to find an apartment. There was a small apartment complex down the road and I decided I would take my chances. I went to the leasing office and there was an elderly lady with white hair and glasses, who was the leasing manager. She asked me my story and at the moment a year 's worth of anger, sadness, and tears poured from my mouth and eyes. After all was said and done she told me "I will give you a chance". I was speechless and words could not even express the relief and gratitude I felt.

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