Essay on Personal Statement : Playing Sports

Essay on Personal Statement : Playing Sports

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I have a lot of interests and talents that either improved over the course of the years or has become uninterested to me. Sports for example, always had peeked my interest ever since I was young. Although I do not play as many sports as I want to. I love to play and watch as much as I can. When I was younger, I loved to play as the goalie in soccer and loved to play basketball although, I was the only girl who wanted to play with the boys. At times at school, I was an outcast because instead of playing “Doctor” or “House” like every girl in school, I liked playing basketball, dodgeball, and soccer with the boys. I love playing sports, and I would be incomplete without it.
Sports are one of the things that can lift up or become full of energy. I play currently play volleyball, but I have also played basketball in school. With volleyball, I loved how I was able to hit a ball as hard as I can and not get in trouble for it and how sprinting and hustling for the ball during the game can make me feel like I am on top of the world. In basketball, I love shooting the ball and defense with ...

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