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Personal Statement : Physical Health Essays

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I have learned a lot about my health and wellness thorough out this semester it is truly amazing. The impact these seven different dimensions have on our health they are, physical, intellectual, psychological, spiritual, social, environmental, and occupational all play a role in our health. All in so many different ways working together to make a brighter and happier healthier us. These seven dimensions make up whom we are and how we live our life is all based upon how we balance these dimensions.
Onto my physical health as a whole this dimension plays a huge rule in my wellness. I find my body to be very healthy. I am very active I love to exercise and eat right, and get enough sleep. I find my physical health to be very important to keep myself in proper shape. Physical wellness relates to my life by making smart and healthy choices each day. Making sure to get check ups on my health is critical as I am getting older.
Intellectual health is the willingness to take on new ideas and challenges. I am a person who can easily recognize problems quickly, and think fast to come up with a way to solve the problem. I have gained much knowledge on this dimension of my health. Continually learning new things is something I enjoy to do and will continue on with my learning. I plan to get a Masters degree someday. Keeping my brain always learning and thinking will help keep me on a good path with my intellectual health.
My psychological health I am constantly working on my self and my relationships I share with people. This is a huge category dealing with autonomy, self –acceptance, and the ability to respond appropriately to our environment. It also is the ability to maintain nurturing relationships with others and to pursue meaning...

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The final dimension occupational health is explained by your relationship with your work. I have a great relationship with my job I enjoy what I do. I even get to train people how to do my job. I have plenty of room to advance with this job to move up the ladder. I intend to do so I am now training in other positions to move up. Along with gaining some more knowledge on higher up positions. I have great relationships with my co-workers and managers. Occupational health I am satisfied in and will keep working hard in my career field.
Overall al seven dimensions play a very vital role in my life. They makeup who I am, and how I deal with them all differently. I have my strengths and my weaknesses. I am proud of them this means I am human. I am not perfect these dimensions show how wellness relates to my life and I am pleased with my results.

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