Personal Statement : Personal Branding Module Essays

Personal Statement : Personal Branding Module Essays

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Introduction to report
This personal branding module has helped me develop my brand and progress from coming up with a sweet spot to finally attaining a brand. This report will help show my progress and how I developed through the weeks.
This report will summarize the various discussions about different topics such as the brand model and also the homework assignments. Various visuals such as the moodboard, the brand Model, the website, logo and Brand profile. The layout of the report will in the form of my brand to symbolize the importance of utilizing waste materials. To me each material has a purpose after its use and can be made into something productive and serve another purpose. Through this report the progress from starting out with a mood board which shows the basic idea of the brand then eventually going on to the brand model and finally the website and product will help give a clear view of the outline of the brand.
Studying and understanding different personalities during the course gave us an idea of how to brand yourself and make yourself stand out in the crowd. The way they marketed themselves using different techniques and using their name on many products allowed them to increase their net worth. The class tasks allowed us to have a clear idea of what is needed and the activities helped us know our scope for improvement with the feedback received from our peers. Thus, this report will have the various tasks, assignments and details of my brand.

During the assigned task of creating a moodboard we were able to create a visual of the color palates,...

... middle of paper ...

...el the brand I have created will be useful to the world around us. The usage of waste materials for making eco-friendly products which are useful will help people. The best part about these products is their appearance which will be visually appealing and modern instead of just a monotonous appearance. This is the unique selling point of the brand. The appearance and use of brighter shades of colors such as green and blue will help give it a much more chic and trendy appearance.
Thus, through this entire process of creating a personal brand for myself I was able to learn so much about myself. I enjoyed learning and doing the various exercises. It was a time of self-discovery and reflection. I was able to understand my likes and dislikes. My brand model became more clear and vivid through the exercises conducted in these past few weeks.

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