Personal Statement On The Medical Field Essay

Personal Statement On The Medical Field Essay

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"Life was never meant to be easy and giving up is not an option”, my favorite of all my mom 's sayings which guides my daily endeavors. Being a doctor has always been more than just role play in my childhood games of 'Doctor ', it is a passion and the only thing I ever want to be.
Experiences from my childhood to present day continuously fortify my call to the medical field. My mother was a nurse in Cameroon and still is here. My grandmother was a ‘traditional nurse’. As a means to supplement our family income, mom opened a medicine store where she provided first aid and other basic healthcare services to patients prior to their hospital visits if at all any. I was about eight years old and yet so enthusiastic that I usually offered to gather mom 's supplies, accompany her to the store or patients ' homes and even watch as she started IVs or cleaned wounds. Fascinated by my inquisitiveness, Dr. Wirsiy, my mom’s supervisor at her school health job tolerated my habitual presence. He even let me tag along during the annual “Polio Campaign”, which involved vaccinating children five years and below against poliomyelitis in homes, churches, markets and schools. This informal shadowing continued for years till mom left for the US in search of greener pasture.
My dad’s dead was the turning point of my life. Days to my seventeenth birthday, my father was shot in the abdomen by assassins and was immediately rushed to the only hospital in this province of Cameroon. I visited the following morning and noticed dad had not had any surgery because the doctors claimed his body will gradually expel the bullets as he healed. Common knowledge informs me of the health concerns a foreign body in a person 's system almost always causes. Surprised by t...

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...t of school because of child birth. Although, specialist and ER visits were frequent, I did not let my pregnancy keep me down as I continued to push myself till I noticed improvement in my grades. With the help of family members, I returned to school when my son was six weeks old. Graduation came and my five months old graced the day making every second worthwhile.
As a reflection of my father, my son reminds me of my promise to avoid someone 's loved-one from being a victim of medical malpractice, by acquiring a sound education and improving the health care delivery system of Cameroon. It may sound over-ambitious; however, I believe acquiring a sound education to become a medical doctor who truly regards human life would make room for one less negligent doctor, a more accountable health care system and above all save a life, because one life is all that matters.

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