Personal Statement On The Education System Essay

Personal Statement On The Education System Essay

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So far I research how the statement is true and how this statement affects the education system. In my opinion I do find the education to be affect by the funding of the federal. What I do find more to be very affect the most are the students. I was able to interview Hannah Leever, first year student here at California State Universities Monterey Bay. Hannah comes from the San Francisco Bay Area, majoring in marine science. I interview her and asked her a couple of question about the statement “Education receive less funding then prison” and recorded her answer.

Hannah finds education to be very important. She stated that education should be provide for every individual. Everybody should be treated equally because there all human beings. She right, were all are human beings and we make mistake and we learn from them. One thing that Hannah mention that brought my thoughts to thinking was when she stated that the government want to make money out of students. I find that to be true. As the colleges tuitions increase the more money they received. As for the students whom do not make it that far may end up in prison. There this program that does the same for the people that don’t make it to college it known to be the school to prison pipe lines. Either way if the students attend college or end up in prison the government going to make money in either outcome. That’s why Hannah chose the word greedy for this situation. Money seems to be more important in the eyes of the government then its people.
Some students did not attend college for the lack of money. Some school offer support programs for student to attend college with not have the students have any finical pressure. If they do not count on their full funding then they ca...

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...ork and work until they accomplish their goal. We can do the same, but we need people that are willing to stand up for a long time and fight until we can’t take it anymore. It a very difficult situation because we are talking about controlling the government, that a really hard but never impossible.
Now after this research paper I have encourage myself to make a change. This research has taught me a lot of thing that now I’m going to be able to stand up and have support to accomplish this fight. I’m currently the 2015-2016 education committee in NAACP, making a change. Time has changed, it now our time to make a change to time. This situation is not fair in either area. We are the eyes and voice of the world and the government has to be the ear to hear what is really happening outside. Let make a change in this statement and make this statement fair in both areas.

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