Personal Statement On The Bathroom Floor Essay

Personal Statement On The Bathroom Floor Essay

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Sitting on the bathroom floor, my mother, sixteen year old Andrea Butler, was curled up in a ball crying more than ever before. Several minutes passed before she stood up and looked into the mirror. She tried to compose herself by brushing through her dark brown hair, but as she looked back down at the small, plastic stick with two pink lines on it, her chocolate colored eyes immediately fill with tears once again. “What am I supposed to do?” My mother thought over and over in her head. She was among the top of her class. She had a plan. She wanted to graduate school and to attend college. Everyone expected the best from her; no one thought she could make a mistake that would cost her so much. “If I wouldn’t have gotten pregnant with you when I did, I don’t think I would have ever had a child.” For many understandable reasons, I was her only child. She was never able to see herself as a parent, only as a successful business woman with her career as her primary focus. I can see now that this event in Andrea’s life changed her from a young, naive teenager into a knowledgeable, mature woman who learned to take control of her own life.
In later years, my mother used this story as a lesson for me to understand that you cannot redo some situations. Most of the time you have to be responsible and deal with the mistakes you make. “I never considered an abortion or adoption. I knew this was the consequence of my actions and I would never put myself ahead of another human life. In the big scheme of things it only matters now that I would be a teenage mother. I knew in 5, 10, 20 years my age would not come into question.” When you make decisions you think you are ready for, you must deal with the consequences of your actions. However, there...

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...pic. Andrea had turned into a very wise woman; she at one point told me that “If you can’t see your boyfriend being the father of your baby, then you shouldn’t have sex with him.”
Through the nine short months, my mother was constantly preparing for my arrival and then the real adventure would begin. As I tell this story, I can see how this huge period of my mother’s life developed her into the woman I see today. Ever since she was a teenager, she was selfless and dedicated her entire life to me. Andrea was much more than a strong woman, she proved that she could do anything she set her mind to. Although Andrea was not able to farther her education into college, she has still became a successful career woman. She now works a position that most people would need a degree for. She wanted to be the best mother she could be and she has ultimately became a great mother.

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