Essay about Personal Statement On Speech Class

Essay about Personal Statement On Speech Class

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Reflection Paper #2
Being able to speak in public will be essential for students to success. The ability to communicate is just as important as the technical skills we learn for whatever job we desire to do. Speech class will increase our ability to communicate with other human beings. For our second presentation, the class was divided into four groups. Each group was given a theme to present about in front of the class. The first group talked about the challenges facing our environment. The second group’s theme was education. The third group talked about hunger. The fourth group’s theme was prejudice. In addition, each group talked about its service learning projected which was connected to the theme they had. I was a member of the forth group. I think all of the presentations were interesting, and each groups did a great job in presenting the subject.
I, with my classmates in the fourth group, were given the prejudice theme. The theme was very interesting. We talked about different types of prejudice such as racism, sexism, and ageism. We also talked about a controversial subject n...

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