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Personal Statement On Single Lifestyle Essay

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Before I was blessed to have a lovely wife in my life, I was a single male just attempting to discover myself and find my niche that I belonged in as a functioning adult. Being single had blessed me with the time needed that I may mature to be a responsible, caring adult. From the time I was entered adulthood at eighteen to the time I was 25, those seven years were the most crucial experiences as an adult, much like an infant attempting to take their first steps. In this Life Learning paper on single lifestyle, I will discuss my love life, my finances, and my housing situations.
Concrete Experiences
Love life
During my single life, I had very few girls that I dated; to get to the point, I only dated two women, my high school sweetheart, and my wife. My high school sweetheart was Sarah, and my wife is Callie. Sarah and I had known each other since we were five, but we had not started dating until we were seniors in high school. Callie on the other hand was another story, we had a blind date thanks to modern technology, and she had answered a personal ad that I placed on craigslist. Callie later became my fiancé and wife. Given that Sarah was my high school sweetheart, I had lived a mere three miles from her house my entire primary school experience (K-12), in a rural central Indiana county. Sarah and I dated from the day after I turned 18 my senior year to the day I turned 21, the three years that I dated her were from November of 2004 to November 2007. By dating her I learned what I wanted in my significant other and what I could exclude.
It is amazing that a blind date who lived in Shawnee, KS and while I lived in Northwest Kansas City would have worked out to later become married, I knew then that the mi...

... middle of paper ...

... was a shock to me because I didn’t know where Kansas City was on a map let alone been there. Given that, I had never been to KC before I was granted a grand total of three days to travel to KC and find a place to live. I ended finding a place to live in northwest KC by the airport, this location was safe, clean and secure. I had enjoyed that location, especially after five months when I had met a beautiful young woman named Callie. My job was a high travel position, were I reported to manager wherever I had a laptop and a cellphone, so meeting people friends was not easy. Since I lived by myself in a city I knew nobody, I was forced to become self-sufficient, from cooking, cleaning, finding entertainment, and more. Living in that two-bed apartment, by myself broke down my comfort zone forcing me to adventure just so I could have social interactions with people.

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