Personal Statement On Self Reflection Paper

Personal Statement On Self Reflection Paper

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Self reflection paper
Family is a social unit of two or more person related by blood, marriage, or adoption and having a shared commitment to mutual relationship. Family is where everything starts. We get our sense of identity from our family, which is a strong agent of socialization. Family can contribute to make us or to break us, this is where we learn values that will shape our life. This is also where we learn to obey or reinforce the norms of society. In this essay, I will reflect on my family structure and experience and elaborate on how these experiences had a hug influence on my choices, values and personal goals. I will also describe my future goals and reflect on the ways in which the larger society has provided constraints and opportunities.
I grew up in a two parent traditional family system where the father was the bread winner. Dad was working in a factory called (Bata) and my mother was a stay at home mother ( housewife), she was suppose to take care of the children, as well as all matters concerning the house. An example of our daily routine will be, dad will wake up leave money on the table them will go to work, mom will wakes up clean the house then wakes us up and gets us ready for school. While we will be in school she will make food for the house. During the week end she will teach us how to cook those African dishes. And also clean our cloth by hand; we didn’t have a washer machine. My dad will come home at night and check our home work before he goes to his room to watch TV or read his bible. My family belief system was based firstly on religion .An example is, Christian believe you have to get married before having kids, no sex before marriage, keeping yourself for your husband (faithfulness), once you ma...

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...ith such dedication stay with me even now. At times, I miss her but I always remember what she taught me about caring for the needed. I can frankly say that my early experience with grandma influence my goals. The challenges that I will face is that working in the UN is not an easy thing, you can get in but as contract worker and has to be renew every time when the contract ends. But they don’t hire you right away and Sometimes you can get hired right away it depends. But I plan to start as volunteer to make it much easier; you also have to pay for any expense related to it if by any chance you get accepted to work outside the United State. So am saving some money now each time I get paid, so that I have enough to cover for my expenses. One of the advantages is that I speak and write French fluently something that is very important to be able to work in the UN.

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