Essay about Personal Statement On Self Motivation

Essay about Personal Statement On Self Motivation

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Maintaining Self-Motivation
Self-motivation is a skill that we learn as we grow. This skill comes from the values that are rooted in a person’s core. They provide a foundation for the behavior one will exude on a day-to-day basis, both in a personal and professional setting. Building motivation is very much a psychological process that is found in the interaction between a person and their environment, where our values are developed. Researchers, Latham and Pinder (2005) state that values are an integral part of a person’s life as they serve as guiding principles, which direct and sustain our behavior (p. 491). Their work is based on Maslow’s hierarchal needs theory (p. 487), which connects values to motivation. In the sense that to fulfill our internal needs and step up the pyramid, one must be self-motivated, and that incentive comes from the values we have at our core being.
Accordingly, as an individual actualizes himself or herself they will be able to successfully build relationships, like the relationships that are needed to be successful in the workplace. These relationships are strong and helpful when people share the same values. Values influence our perception of what is fair and equal, and those views ultimately drive up the level of motivation we have in the workplace to accomplish our targets and objectives. When there is strong support between co-workers, the workplace becomes very dynamic. As well, when an individual’s personal identity is supported, the need to self-actualize and build upon their self-esteem is what drives the cycle of personal growth and advancement in the self-motivation process (Latham & Pinder, 2005, p.1-2). Individuals are motivated to attain goals and accomplish objectives, both ...

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... performing and highly-successful. (Time Management, 2014)
Strong self-motivation also leads to a strong sense of self-efficacy, as an individual that has a high belief that they possess the skillset to accomplish their goal will be driven and attain the goal. Work teams benefit from including individuals with high senses of self-efficacy, as the influence of those individuals can uplift the motivation the team has for accomplishing tasks (Millikin, Hom, & Manz, 2010). Most individuals with a lack of self-efficacy will not possess all the required skillset to be continuously successful in attaining their goals. Self-efficacy is important to the development of work task-related strategies, which are essential to the attainment of difficult goals. The prognostic validity of self-efficacy is weakened in the presence of individual differences. (Judge et al., 2007).

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