Personal Statement On Self Esteem

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Self esteem is the regard in which an individual holds himself or herself worthy. Leadership is the ability to guide others in the directions of their goals and motivation is the energy of the requirement or aspiration to act. These three components are essential to having a successful life. Self esteem affects one’s life in almost every aspect. It is our own perception of ourselves and how we value our worth. It is important to maintain a healthy self esteem because low self esteem can impair one from reaching their full potential in their personal and professional life. Behavior resulted from low self esteem can effect one’s job performance and the ability to maintain that job. Pessimism is a major characteristic of one with low self esteem; thinking negatively about a situation before it even happens and fearing the worst. Building one’s self esteem takes time and practice, but it also must come from within that person. Two things that can easily improve self esteem are: replacing negative thoughts with positive ones; being practical and supportive of one’s self is significant. In the meantime one must not compare themselves to anyone. I, from personal experience, have compared myself to others and only received negative thoughts and feelings by doing that. Similarly, self esteem and leadership go hand in hand, you cannot have one without the other. Leadership is a role one takes when their self esteem is at an all time high. Leading a group takes organization, strength, and confidence. A leader must be looked up to and depended on. They have to motivate and inspire others to accomplish goals. A leader sets expectations for those who follow. Jonas Falk, CEO, of OrganicLife was quoted saying,”Leadership is... ... middle of paper ... ...emotions at the same time of controlling your own. Power is what runs the company, managers have power and hopefully they use it wisely, to build up their employees and to run the company morally, instead of letting the power get to their head and not doing their jobs to the best of their ability. These three factors, in my opinion, can be considered the backbone to any organization. I believe that team building, assertive behavior, stress and stress management go hand in hand when pertaining to the work environment. In team building, you are talking about two or more people working together. In assertive behavior, you are talking about being able to stand up for your rights by not being threatening to the person you are communicating with or their self-esteem. Next stress and stress management, as we all encounter moments of stress in periods of our walk of life.

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